Locate high-grade sulphide related Nickel-PGE accumulations in mafic/UM intrusions

The Gorge Creek Nickel-PGE Project covers the western extension of the Vernon Nickel-PGE mafic/ultramafic intrusive sills.

Bellavista is targeting sulphide accumulations in the strataform sills within the Edmund Basin sediments.

The Gorge Creek host rocks and setting is similarly strongly analogous to the World-Class Nova-Bollinger discovery in the Fraser Range region of WA. Specifically, both are hosted in “eye-structures” (lensed intrusive sills) and initial surface geochemical surveys have similar geochemical signatures. Gorge Creek covers the western half of the eye structure.

Bellavista will focus on identifying sulphide accumulations in these intrusive sills as a priority.

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